Tips to Run your Commercial Touchscreens at their Best on Holiday

The holiday season is approaching us with the atmosphere of black Friday, Christmas and new year. As the busiest time of the year, business owners are striving for the best performance at the hot season.

As a supplier of touchscreen for the commercial world, We would be glad to share some pieces of advice from Horsent, tips that can keepup your touchscreens in the best condition during the busiest period.

holiday touchscree tips

1 Inspection and update

Ensure that all touchscreen signage is in proper working condition in both software and hardware. Test each display to confirm responsiveness and clarity.Update content to reflect Black Friday promotions, discounts, and special offers. Use eye-catching visuals to attract customers.Incorporate a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily navigate through different product categories and promotions.

2 Ensure Reliability

Prioritize the technical reliability of all interactive elements. Perform thorough testing to address any potential glitches or issues that may arise during the high-traffic Black Friday period.

Have a dedicated technical support team on standby to address any technical difficulties promptly.


3. Create something new

Develop engaging and interactive content that encourages customer participation, including games, quizzes, or interactive product demonstrations.

Integrate social media elements to encourage customers to share their experiences and purchases, creating a buzz around your Black Friday deals.


4. Utilize Interactive Signage for Information:

Implement interactive signage to provide real-time information about product availability, current promotions, and store layout.

Offer a virtual shopping assistant through interactive displays, allowing customers to find products, check prices, and get additional details.


5. Strategic Placement of Kiosks:

Identify high-traffic areas within the shop or shopping mall for the placement of interactive kiosks. Consider entrances, popular product sections, or checkout areas.

Equip kiosks with features like product catalogs, reviews, and the ability to make online purchases directly from the kiosk.


6. Promote In-Store Navigation:

Use touchscreen displays to provide interactive maps of the store or shopping center. Help customers easily locate special Black Friday deals, product sections, and amenities.

Implement a search functionality on touchscreen displays to assist customers in finding specific items quickly.



7 Capture Customer Data for Future Engagement:


Implement a system to capture customer data through interactive elements, such as email sign-ups or loyalty program registrations.

Use the gathered data for post-Black Friday engagement, such as personalized promotions, newsletters, and targeted marketing.


8 Train Staff for Assistance:


Train your staff to assist customers in using interactive features and provide information about the Black Friday promotions. This ensures a seamless and positive customer experience.

By incorporating these strategies, the business can enhance the holiday shopping experience, attract more customers, and potentially increase sales.



9.Xmas-themed Promotions:


Integrate Xmas-themed promotions into your touchscreen signage and interactive media. Consider offering special discounts or exclusive deals for customers who shop on Xmas Day or during the week.


10 Create a Thanksgiving Shopping Experience:


Design interactive elements that enhance the overall shopping experience with a Xmas theme. This could include virtual decorations, interactive games

Incorporate holiday Colors and Imagery:


Update the visuals on your touchscreen displays to include Xmas colors and imagery. This not only aligns with the season but also helps create a festive atmosphere in the store.

Offer Special Discounts:


Consider providing exclusive discounts or special offers for customers who make a purchase on holiday, incentivize shoppers to start their holiday shopping early.


By integrating Xmas-themed elements into your preparations, you not only acknowledge the holiday but also create a more holistic and engaging shopping experience for your customers. Contributing to a positive brand image and foster a sense of connection with your audience.



At Last, we wish you all have a profitable holiday season that put a wondering ending to 2023.

Post time: Nov-29-2023