Our Sales Team

Service & Solution

Work with Horsent today to deliver fabulous interative experience


Introducing the future business in touch display and new sales prospects, including new sales territory and product market trends.

Offering references and making suggestions for sales and products by market competition, risks and survey.

Search and settle new prospects. Generating and mastering our marketing plan and strategy, working with sales to direct marketing goals.

Promotion Horsent brand, gain intelligence of new markets through Websites, social media accounts and company pages, and other media development.


Sales Representatives

Taking care of existing business and accounts,

Serving account customers with their new and running touch screen orders, project and custom design,

partnering with customers to understand their interactive display projects, installation application demands and potential risks and objectives.

Improving customer satisfaction and building, and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer connections and relations.

Sales Assistance

Order processing and follow-up on the status

of the order in the system. Ensure the lead time and production meet clients and internal demand.

Cooperate with the production line and production plan to solve the lead time issue.

Demotic and international logistics

including shipping, customs, and traffics.

Business Development

To develop and implement growth opportunities from both the client and company sides.
In charge of new business, and new markets

and assisting the new clients with their orders and custom design.

Helps with marketing on the tendency and development of new business

and works with product manager with new product development scheme. 

Field Application Engineer

Bridge the link between product, R&D, clients and sales.

Analysis of customer technical demands,

Offering and Delivering technical solutions,

and successfully implementing solutions

in client applications using existing lines and new concepts.

Customer Service

Having timely and sensitive attention to frequent customers issues,

able to solve their simple questions instantly or cooperate with other depts to solve

while still maintaining a warm connection and atmosphere

(even if the customer is not in the right mood), and improving the satisfaction.

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