Shopping Mall


Horsent is working with a large-scale retail system integrator to improve the Modern Shopping mall/centre retail solutions and their digitalizing and smart retail performance and retail service.

Since the appearance of the first shopping mall, The paradise of shopping, food, and entertainment, is seeking solutions to attract more visitors, and more business and create a fabulous shopping experience.


From 9:00 am to 0:00 pm, the interactive solution keeps your customer involved, and happy all day long.

Interactive wayfinding or smart director can direct your visitors to their beloved places and offer lots of interesting advertisements 

A general impression and ideal of this mall, formed by the wayfinding is the new idea of its application than just giving one guideline but to attract with a visiting solution to help customers visiting your mall in an efficient way still cannot miss their favourable shops.

Horsent 43inch open frame touchscreen enables a gap-free installation for wayfinding machines.


Commercial Advertising Touch Screen in the mall offers a glorious site for interesting advertising to keep your product and retail advertising alive and more possibilities to attract customers to view more details of your featured products.

The information kiosk than a traditional information center desk, offers a perfect place for smart shopping mall customer service or advertising: such as lost and found, a particular product search, shops search, nearby traffic information and new opening shops...

Horsent commercial grade touch screens such as 27inch touch monitors, and 32inch interactive displays. 43-inch smart display and 55 inch extra large interactive display to attract more volume and traffic, using PCAP touch technology to deliver a smooth, sensible touch screen shopping experience in a slim, beautiful and durable enclosure,

To serve your business 24/7, saving extra labor like information desk man, customer service, or commercial Ads sales.

You will find with our solution, you  will no longer worry about heavy labour costs, perhaps with the help of a few large touch screens, you will be able to offer decent service for your customers.




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Interactive wayfinding
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Keep consumer happy
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More attractive
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Informative advertisement

Place of Application

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Information desk

Horsent Propose

21.5 Touch monitor H2216

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