Retail business owners are demanding more options for making the shopping experience more enjoyable,to draw customers to brick and mortar locations and to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Horsent sense the demand and introduce commercial-grade touchscreens from7, 10 to 65 inches, covering POS, point of information, self-help, self-payment…

Interactive ads, self-helping, and fast service is our goal to Shop solution.


Less waiting time (3)

Less waiting time
Less waiting time (1)

Fast service
Less waiting time (4)

Keep consumer happy
Less waiting time (2)

More attractive
Less waiting time (5)

Improve the connection
with visitors

Less waiting time (6)

Manpower saving

Place of Application

Place of Application (1)


Place of Application (2)


Place of Application (3)


Place of Application (4)

Sizes and colors finding

Horsent Propose

21.5" Touchscreen Signage H2214

21.5" Openframe Touchscreen H2212P

31.5" Openframe Touchscreen H3212

31.5" Touchscreen Signage H3214P