9+ Quality engineers
Strict & Comply
Standard & Comprehensive

Most Engineers

Most of the operator has been with us for more than 5 years, experienced in touch screen assembling and manufacturing

6S Standard

6S to achieve Productivity, quality insurance,the satisfaction of employees,and management of safety risks.

On-line management

Horsent use online production process management system and software to manage our production line

Quality is the life of our brand

Horsent Quality dept is Responsible for the verification, identification and traceability of products before delivery, participating in the control and confirmation of the touch screen manufacturing and service provision process, and organising the supervision, inspection, monitoring and measurement of the organization and the production process, which has the absolute power over manufacturing dept to restrict the product outgoing and deny the process in production flow when necessary in order to stop NG product flow to the next stop even clients' hand. Release you from the risk of quality and endless repair labour, plus build a good customer brand reputation.



IQC-Strict control in the start

100% Test on key components:

LCD, Touch panel, PCB

IPQC for process

IPQC check all the key production line process such as Touch panel and frame assembling, to avoid NG in process

Final Inspection

Touch, display and monitor function test, reliability test and visual inspection

IQC lcd


Horsent undertakes strict Quality controls both functional checks and visual inspections

for LCDs 100%, including colouring, brightness, bright and dead points, reaction times, resolutions...

for housing and structure parts. We inspect the visibly the colouring, shaping, dimension, scratches...

PCB: both functions and vision inspections on layout, lines and components.




Horsent 100% check our outgoing products in the following  inspection list:

Monitor Display, and visual inspections on housing, glass, and profiles, corners.

Touchscreen functions, points and reactions. all in one functions test.