Global Shipping

Horsent Global Shipping

As an influential and reliable touch screen supplier,

Horsent is capable of serving our clients in more than 35 countries and regions.



If you prefer to get in touch with our partners in your local market, please contact our sales 

 Horsent is open to having new partners in North America and West, East EU. and Mid East. Please contact or leave a message.

First Class Teamwork

Be able to work with Horsent 1st class team

  to service you on sales and support 



4hr reaction for emergency

48hr for a complete solution. 

Safe and Promising

Horsent 15 yrs of experience on touch display

Safe and durable touch solution

Safe  and Saving Packing

Horsent design 2 sets in one carton and reliable packing through fall and drop test 

Steady and Saving


Reliable Freight Partners

 We work with FedEx, DHL and branded freight partner for a safe and speedy delivery

English and Chinese

Horsent is working with more than 35 countries and regions,

We speak English and Chinese.