Horsent PCAP touchscreen delivers an extraordinary interactive gaming experience

to players and creates an unforgettable gambling and interactive gaming experience

so players continue to play subconsciously and forget the sense of time Smooth, interactive, and Shining touchscreen would be the star of your casino.

Bright up screen 500nits: Horsent offer 500nits for almost each of our products aiming the extra bright screen

in the gaming industry and interactive gaming.

High contract and vivid color: Horsent applied the big brand LCD from AUO, LG, and BOE,

display the fabulous display and immersive gaming exprience.

Curved screen: 3D and real eys, real visionary gaming experience.



Less waiting time (4)

Keep consumer happy
Less waiting time (2)

More attractive

Attractive gaming interface

Interactive gaming experience

Place of Application

gmh (1)

Slot machine

gmh (2)


Horsent Propose

32" Curved touchscreen monitor

43" Curved touchscreen monitor