How Do We Improve Our Proficiency of touch screen manufacturing by Staff Training

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As a reliable touch screen manufacturer, In order to improve our proficiency in touch display manufacturing and design, offering the best touch screen monitors to you, Horsent has enriched human resources management on employee competency, training, and performance as follows:

Competency confirmation
Before the new employee is hired, the human resources test the ability of their positions by interview meanwhile the candidates provide academic certificates, training experience and related certificates. After the interview, the interviewer fills in the "Interview Record Evaluation Form" to evaluate the candidate's ability to perform the position and keep the interview record

Human Resources organize the 2nd training demand survey in December each year to collect the "Training Application Form" of each department. According to the company's resources and needs, the human resources determine the company's internal training and external training plan, forms the "annual training plan", and after the approval of the general manager, the human resources administration department organises and implements it.
The Annual Training Plan may be adjusted as necessary and should be re-approved.

In practical work, various forms of training can be organized temporarily as needed, and plans are proposed by relevant departments and implemented after approval by the general manager.
The company's external training is organized and managed by the HR dept, and the training institution is contacted by the 3rd party according to the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations such as touch panel supplier, industrial touch screen client, touch screen kiosk client… . Employees are out for training need to be reviewed by their supervisor and approved by the general manager.

The Horsent internal training program is mainly combined with the business work of the department, the improvement of employee skills, etc., mainly through internal communication, discussion, and teaching. And other ways. When appropriate, combine lectures, on-site operations such as touch screen monitor assembling operation, touch monitor touch function test and other forms.
According to the training plan, the training is made for fresh employees, management staff, techniques’, production operators, warehouse personnel, quality engineer, lab staff, inspectors, etc. For managers at all levels and personnel who have an impact on the touch screen, touch monitor quality (production, inspection, warehouse management, internal audit personnel, test management personnel), especially key position personnel, at least once a year, the training on touch screen quality knowledge and professional skills.

Through training, employees have learned:
a) The importance of meeting customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements;
b) consequences of violation of these requirements;
c) The relevance and importance of the activities oneself to the development of the company and how to contribute to the achievement of quality objectives of touch screen.

The company should conduct induction training for fresh employees, including:
a) Company basic training, including company profile, corporate culture, company product introduction, etc.;
b) The company's quality management, quality objectives and related quality knowledge of touch screen, quality awareness, and safety awareness during touch screen manufacturing, including engaging in job relevance and importance;
c) Relevant management rules and regulations of the company, including attendance system, financial system, etc.;
d) Confidentiality and confidentiality systems such as OEM touch screens, custom touch screen, etc.
e) entrance training, including basic touch screen technology knowledge, capacitive touch screen technology, how does touchscreen work, position instructions, equipment operation methods, steps, safety matters, etc.

The Entrance training are organized and implemented by the Human Resources Department to help the new employees, with a record in Conference Training Assessment
The touch screen entrance training e) is decided by the head of the department, for instance, the touch monitor production dept, to designate the new employee entrance training advisor, and the advisor formulates a training plan, organized and implemented by the advisor after approval by the department head. The training cycle is synchronized with the probationary period. Qualified before the formal position started
Human Resources establish a personal training record and keep the training records of employees at all levels.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of training
For internal training, the following records are used for effectiveness evaluation: "Conference Training Assessment Record Form" or examination/assessment results or training summary. Among them, inspection, testing, warehouse management, and training of operators are based on the results of examination (verification) as the basis for effective evaluation.
The external training test shall apply training qualification certificate (certificate) and/or the external Training Summary Form".

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Post time: Jul-13-2022