How Does Touchscreen Help Your Factory Operation?

Industry 4.0 comprises a smart factory and workshop developed for

the seamless communication between humans and machines, improving operations, productivity and safety.


Here are Places to have a touchscreen in your factory, and how it is helping the factory in many aspects.

 Worker operating CNC machine center

  1. 1.     Quality Control


Born for fast input of your quality process: set the frequency NG and OK as options with red and green icons to tap on the touchscreen and quickly take notes and instant report on-line.

The smart quality system with touch can adopt multipole functional test or visual test process and easier for an engineer to operation and fast check.


  1. 2.     Production

Whether it is manual or machinery, touchscreen operation gets fast online, flow process and actions taking than keyboard + mouse.

Touch screen in the factory is faster to sending orders, processing and even stop and energy stop.


  1. 3.     Dashboard

Dashboard 4.0 now asks more about better details review, checking and fast but by- steps action than just watching. To quickly handle and get running details whenever and whatever, operations on the touchscreen are easier and faster than ever by gesture and full interaction with a machine than traditional PC or control panel.


  1. 4.     Control Room

To control your machines, a touchscreen means a friendly interface, by offering more “buttons” and more room to control process updates.

Plus room saving: a control room with lots of buttons and keyboard will have less focus on screen or even less screen, screen+ operation now is one touchscreen to have more screens and display more.


  1. 5.     Packing

Touchscreen made for auto-package site brings fast switch between mode and process control and management of smart and auto-packaging.


  1. 6.     Warehouse

Touchscreen and the online process are the keys to having a smart system for your warehouse: Receiving, put-away, picking, dispatching, returns, and frequent loading and shipping. 

All processes can be faster, easier, and more effective plus time-saving.

Post time: Jul-01-2022