Why Do We Make Water Proofing Touch Screen?

water touch screen

We have a lot of clients who only require for waterproofing featured when their environment is wet or outdoor. Surely, in that case, a waterproof featured touch screen is something a must-have.

The question is, how about the other clients, they usually don't take the feature seriously or request before our suggestion unless they had an unpleasant experience or heard of a sad story or even a failure caused by water damage.

Horsent will usually definitely recommend waterproofing features to our commercial and industrial clients. The major reason is waterproofing can increase the reliability of touch screens even in a safe environment, And here is why.

It is common sense that 71 per cent of our planet is made of water, what we could learn from this number is that we could hardly forbid water or stay away easier in our daily life. Even application is indoor and dry, Because a commercial touch screen or industrial touch screen is made to face and operate by a lot of users, it is not always safe, in fact, it's unrealistic to control and manage every user to stay out of water.

For instance, in a bank self-service kiosk, a visitor is carrying a bottle of water while typing a password with another hand, and it is risky to not just the screen but the kiosk itself if the screen is not waterproofing because the screen can be the biggest opening of the self service kiosk. This is not an imagination but common for gaming industries, food and bravery when customers usually carry unfinished drinks while making payments or self-ordering. In fact, It will not help if the owner places a notice that "no drinks when using the screen", it just makes your customer angry. Or make your restaurant cold and unfriendly, and what's more, it is not always working: visitors will not listen to you.

Another good reason to have waterproofing is, that the feature comes with dust proofing too, dust is harmful to the PCB of touch screen, monitor and PC, decreasing the life and performance of your pc. The opening of the kiosk designed for the touch screen is the risk to have daily dust, even not in dusty places, the daily dust will accumulate and requires for your open-up to clean more often. While with dustproof, the dust is decreased significantly and your labor of maintenance is saved, besides, your PC has better performance and longer life.

Fewer complaints from clients: due to the above reason, waterproofing can increase the performance and reliability of our product,  in the other hand, it can build finer reputation of our brand in touch screen display and in our client's heart.

Fewer electronics garbage: Water linkage issue most of the time will disable the screen and pc, in most cases, the PCB will burn out, and your equipment will be damaged, most probably be broken and not easily repaired, Yes, the client will have to face replacement of the kiosk in a lot of water incidents. With a waterproofing touchscreen, we will have fewer broken ones in the garbage yard.

Cost. Another reason we suggest you have, and that is why we offer waterproofing touch monitor, too, is now we are offering better pricing. With only 5~10 USD extra, you could increase the reliability of the touchscreen. This is we have massive work stop made for waterproofing sealing to make front IP 65 rate touch screen, so the cost is lower, and your price is better and well spent.

Interested to have a waterproofing featured touch screen for your next interactive display? Talk to sales@horsent.com today for a safe and reliable solution.

Post time: Jul-27-2022